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Call of Ktulu lyrics by Metallica

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Call of Ktulu / Ride of Lightning / Metallica Lyrics

There are no lyrics to Call of Ktulu, it's an instrumental!

So here's what wikipedia has to say about the song.

"The Call of Ktulu" is the title of an instrumental composition by the heavy metal band Metallica, released on their second studio album, Ride the Lightning in 1984. It was inspired by the writings of H. P. Lovecraft, particularly The Call of Cthulhu (The song's title is a phonetic spelling of Lovecraft's Great Old One Cthulhu. The Call of Ktulu was Metallica's second recorded instrumental, and first in which the entire band played together.

This is one of the many Metallica songs to have been largely written by former lead guitarist Dave Mustaine and was originally entitled "When Hell Freezes Over."Late bassist Cliff Burton was a huge Lovecraft fan and it is likely he was responsible for the title change."

The Call of Ktulu was a notable inclusion on Metallica's live album S and M. Here's the real deal.

Checkout John Coulhart's imaginations of what the cthulhu looks like.

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